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Once again, we touch down in Portland, OR with the fourth installment of our Ghost Capital series. Helmed by Nick Barbery with an ear bent toward the obscure, esoteric and out-of-print, Ghost Capital digs globally mining the secret shafts of psych, folk, blues and beyond.
Twenty-four track download, notes, and playlist after the jump…

Download: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ghost Capital IV (zipped folder 203 mb)
Side A
1. Shauri Yako (pt 1) / Nguashi N’Timbo 
2. You Made Me Warm / The Sharks
3. Cumbia San Pablera / Conjunto Son San 
4. El Gallo / Los Camperos de Valles
5. Diew Sor / Thonghuad Faited 
6. Liwa Wetche / Les Griots (with Serge Franklin) 
7. Dream Land / Della Humphrey
8. Papaganga Lament / Elisabeth Waldo and Her Concert Orchestra 
9. Poche Town / Joseph Falcon
10. La Malagueña / La Gloria Quintet 
11. Count Your Blessings / Ken Parker
12. Looking for All (All Rendered Truth) / Lonnie Holley 
13. Voh Ishq Jo Humse / Farida Khanum
Side B
1. A2 / Amanar 
2. Husenek Fa Masher (“My Love Is More Than The Sweet Perfume…”) / Abdel Karim el Kably3. Rivers / Föllakzoid4. Tawazula / Lumerians5. Between Moons / The The
6. Desi: “Mare dere aao” (teental) January, 1949 / Kesarbai Kerkar7. Dirge I / Laurie Spiegel8. Dance of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg / John Fahey9. You’re Dead / Norma Tanega10. Bow Unto the King / Eat Forever11. Baal (excerpt) / Exuma12. Fantasie on Armenian Theme / Javād Ma’rouf