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(V/A) Anglo-American Songs and Ballads, Edited by Duncan B. M. Emrich (1947; Library of Congress, AAFS L20)

"These traditional songs, recorded with portable equipment in the field, are sung and played by people who have learned them in the hand-me-down manner of folklore from their parents or neighbors. The singers are untrained musically, and their voices reflect the hills and plains of America rather than the broadcasting studio or the concert stage. This is not in any sense to minimize their worths, but, on the contrary, to point up the unique value of the recordings, for through them is preserved for the American people the pure tradition of song." (Cover notes)

Love it. Originally released in 1947 as a handful of 78s, this 1970's LP re-press collection of raw American Anglo-folk was edited by Duncan B. M. Emrich for the LOC's American Folk Song and Folklore Archives. All are first-rate field recordings from a wonderful range of sources in front of, and behind, the microphone. Vinyl rip by yours truly.

[V/A] Anglo-American Songs and Ballads : Edited by Duncan B. M. Emrich *Folk Music of the United States Series (Library of Congress, AAFS L20)

320 mp3 + Flac  

Side A

1. Cripple Creek - Henry King and Family
2. Git Along Down To Town Henry King and Family
3. Kicking Mule Henry King and Family
4. A Railroader For Me - Russ Pike 
5.  Little Old Sod Shanty - Jimmy Denoon
6. Good Old Rebel - Booth Campbell
7. Jesse James - Bascom Lamar Lunsford
8. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep - Bascom Lamar Lunsford 
9. Blue-Eyed Girl - Rufus Crisp

Side B

1. The Cruel War Is Raging - Charles Ingenthron 
2. Nottingham Fair - Charles Ingenthron
3. The Soldier's Joy - McMinnville Garment Factory Workers' Band 
4. Give The Fiddler A Dram - McMinnville Garment Factory Workers' Band
5. Black Mountain Blues - Sam Leslie & Palmer Crisp 
6. The Dying Cowboy - Dick Devall
7. Red Whiskey - Dick Devall 
8. Little Dogies - Dick Devall
9. My Sweetheart's A Cowboy - Dick Devall