Outside the Dream Syndicate (1972)

Tony Conrad With Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate

Tony Conrad With Faust
"Outside The Dream Syndicate" 30th Anniversary Edition

Violin - Tony Conrad
Bass - Jean-Hervé Peron
Drums - Werner Diermaier
Synthesizer - Rudolf Sosna
Engineer - Kurt Graupner
Producer - Uwe Nettelbeck

Disc One
01 From The Side Of Man And Womankind (27:16)
02 From The Side Of The Machine (26:21)

Disc Two
01 The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu (3:38)
02 The Death Of The Composer Was In 1962 (3:16)
03 From The Side Of Woman And Mankind (Complete Version) (31:11)

Recorded over a span of three days in 1973, Outside the Dream Syndicate was Tony Conrad's first official release; though also credited to the celebrated Krautrock band Faust, it's primarily a showcase for Conrad's minimalist drone explorations, an aesthetic fascinatingly at odds with the noisy, fragmented sound of his collaborators. Consisting of three epic tracks, each topping out in excess of 20 minutes, the album is hypnotically contemplative; the music shifts in subtle -- almost subliminal -- fashion, and the deeper one listens, the more rewarding it becomes. [The 30th Anniversary Edition includes two bonus tracks and comes packaged on two CDs.] [Allmusic.com]