Faust IV - 1974

This album is an essential for every 70s psychedelic/progressive rock and especially krautrock fan or any fan of any band influenced by these movements (so basically everybody visiting this blog). Listen to this! There's nothing more to say.

The album was recorded at the Manor Studios in England. As the sessions took too long to complete, producer Uwe Nettelbeck opted to complete the album with material that was recorded at previous sessions in Wümme, Germany. These additions include "Krautrock" (previously aired on the John Peel show) and "It's a Bit of a Pain" (previously released as a single in Germany).

The opener "Krautrock" is a drone-based instrumental where the drums kick in only after seven minutes, whilst later tracks such as "The Sad Skinhead" and "Jennifer" employ more conventional songwriting techniques. The closing track "It's a Bit of a Pain" combines both styles, utilising noise during its chorus. At a point late in the song, following the chorus a woman's voice speaking in Swedish is heard. The message spoken goes "Den enkla sanningen är att en del män är håriga och andra inte är det. En del kvinnor har mycket hår, och andra har det inte. Olika raser har olika mönster för hårets fördelning. Den virilaste av alla mänskliga varelser - den unge negerhanen - har nästan inget kroppshår alls", and is translated into; "The simple truth is that some men are hairy, and some are not. Some women have lots of hair, and some don't. Different races have different patterns for the distribution of hair. The most virile of all men, the young negro male, is almost entirely lacking body hair".

 note: 1973 Led Zeppelin released "Houses Of the Holy" and The Who released "Who's Next" in 1974. (same year as this lp)

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1. Krautrock
2. Sad Skinhead
3. Jennifer
4. Just A Second (Starts Like That!)
5. Picnic On A Frozen River, Deuxième Tableux
6. Giggy Smile
7. Läuft...Heißt das es läuft oder es kommt bald...Läuft
8. It's A Bit Of A Pain