byrd parts

This collection is primarily comprised of rare recordings by various combinations of Byrd members, or by various performers with the Byrds as session performers. The most valuable cuts are three outtakes from the Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark, presented in digital format for the first time. Aside from a couple of ISB cuts and some Clarence White stuff, there is very little to salvage here......unless you have a sense of humour.


01 - Willie Gene - David Crosby
02 - Come Back Baby - David Crosby
03 - The Only Girl I Adore - The Jet Set
04 - When The Ship Comes In - The Hillmen
05 - It Won't Be Wrong (Don't Be Long) - The Beefeaters
06 - Splendor In The Grass - Jackie DeShannon (with The Byrds)
07 - Back Street Mirror - David Hemmings
08 - Anathea - David Hemmings
09 - You Don't Miss Your Water - Fred Neil with Gram Parsons
10 - Sum Up Broke - International Submarine Band
11 - One Day Week - International Submarine Band
12 - Why Not Your Baby - Dillard & Clark Expedition
13 - Lyin' Down The Middle - Dillard & Clark Expedition
14 - Don't Be Cruel - Dillard & Clark Expedition
15 - Runaway Country - Doug Dillard Expedition
16 - Just A Season - Terry Melcher
17 - Captain Video - Skip Battin
18 - Why You Been Gone So Long - Clarence White with Ry Cooder
19 - Ode To Billie Joe (Inst) - Clarence White & Nashville West
20 - Melodies From A Bird In Flyght (For Clarence) - Gene Parsons
21 - Hot Burrito #1 - Gene Parsons
22 - Don't You Write Her Off - McGuinn Clark & Hillman
23 - Won't Let You Down - McGuinn Clark & Hillman
24 - Turn Your Radio On - McGuinn & Hillman

Clarence White (Performer), Fred Neil (Arranger), Fred Neil (Performer), The Byrds (Main Performer), Gene Clark (Performer), Ry Cooder (Performer), McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (Performer), Gram Parsons (Performer), Gene Parsons (Performer), Skip Battin (Performer), Beefeaters (Performer), David Hemmings (Performer), The International Submarine Band (Performer), Terry Melcher (Performer), Nashville West (Performer), Clark (Performer), David Crosby (Performer), Jackie DeShannon (Performer), Jacques Levy (Performer), Roger McGuinn (Performer), Glenn A. Baker (Liner Notes), Glenn A. Baker (Compilation), Glenn A. Baker (Concept), Warren Barnett (Mastering), Alan Duffy (Artwork), Greg Klein (Artwork), Kevin Mueller (Compilation), Kevin Mueller (Concept), Peter Shillito (Compilation), Peter Shillito (Concept), Albert Zychowski (Restoration), The Beefeaters (Performer)