bill does leonard

Understandably, Leonard Cohen is the Leonard Cohen of our time, but if something horrible, terrible, and awful happened and the world had to wake up one day without Leonard Cohen crooning his sad songs of life, Bill Callahan would be his rightful successor. Thus, Bill Callahan laying his own deep-toned croon on to one of the great Leonard Cohen songs isn’t just amazing, it’s downright etched in the stars. Callahan’s take on “So Long, Marianne” is steeped in the humming Americana he does so well, and the song seems to weep with his delivery. It’s a beautiful, beautiful track, and I could only dream of Callahan lending his talents to an entire album of Cohen tracks …
The song arrives on The Songs of Leonard Cohen Covered, a full album of artists doin’ that Cohen thing. 

me; good job bill.
a tough one to cover song this man