Tom Morey

"He had honed his talent as a drummer and ukulele player from his early youth, working professionally by the age of 12. Subsequently he performed professionally with musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Stew Williamson, Bud Shank and Conti Condolli. He was an original member of the 'Sons of the Beach' ukulele 1948, then, over the years founder several other band: 'Four Eyed Five', in 1950, the 'Tom Morey Quartet' in 1954, URANIUM, 1969. He joined 'Brotherhood' at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in 1983, and currently holds forth at Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point, California with his most recent ensemble, Laguna Jazz Quartet." Tom Morey (born Detroit, Michigan, August 15, 1935) also known by the moniker "Y" is a musician, engineer, and surfer responsible for several technological innovations that have heavily influenced modern developments in surfing equipment design. he a great bodyboarder.
  • 1971 - invented the bodyboard, called in those days a Boogie Board after his love of music.