Marc Bolan - Slider Home Demos, Free Download

Recorded mostly in Autumn 1971, these are the workings of what would become the most popular T.Rex album in Marc's lifetime. The Slider is essential to any music collection, and these demos will be essential to any Marc Bolan collection. Although not quite as cohesive & consistent in quality as the Tanx Home Demos, these still allow a fascinating glimpse into Marc's song crafting technique! And again, with some custom artwork, these recordings are free to download and share!

Download the tracks in one (.rar) file, including images at: 

You'll need a program like WinRAR to open this file.
You can download that here: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html
If you have a MAC, try this: http://www.unrarx.com/

Be sure to get the 'Tanx Home Demos', 'Pure Magic', and 'Live In Japan' downloads as well, in the previous notes.

Rock on!