this is good surfing

burch and others riding EVERYTHING

A Kookapinto Film
Produced and Edited by Corey Colapinto
Tommy Witt
Corey Colapinto
Ryan Burch
Fintastic Foils by Mark Stavron
Special Features by:
Marco Colombatto
Griffin Colapinto
Andy Davis
Jon Wegener
Izzy Paskowitz
Bucky Barry
Surfboard Shapes:
Tommy Witt
Ryan Engle
Ryan Burch
Jon Wegener
Filming by:
Corey, Matt and Denise Colapinto
Tommy Witt
Ryan Burch
Graphic Deisgns by Jai Martin
Special Thanks to Vissla, Cobian and all the friends and family that helped make this project possible.
1.) “Iscanwaya" by Rumillajta
2.) “Ouvertyr 1" by Chris Thile and Michael Daves
3.) “When the Two Sevens Clash" by Culture
4.) “La lluvia (The Rain)" by Alpamayo
5.) “Green, Green, Rocky Road" by Oscar Isaac
6.) “When I Leave Berlin" By Wizz Jones
7.) ““Attaboy" by Goat Rodeo Sessions
8.) “Baila Caporal" by Inca Son
9.) “Sariri/Tinkuna" by Sukay
10.)"Cuando el Cielo Llora" by Inca Son