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Posted by gregor on Thursday, June 24th, 2010
howdy, peoples! what we have here are alternate takes to television’s second record adventure. believe these were recorded at bearsville studios back in 1978. it was released on cd back in 03, but you can only find for 30 bucks and upwards. there’s some pretty awesome stuff on here and cant recommend checking it out, enough.
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Last year Aquarium Drunkard released RAM On L.A. — a local music compilation featuring eleven Los Angeles artists each covering a track off Paul McCartney’s 1971 LP, RAM. Today we’re following that up with L’Aventure — a local music compilation featuring eight Los Angeles artists paying tribute to Television’s sophomore LP, Adventure.
Like its predecessor, L’Aventure is an attempt to capture, if only for an instant, a slice of what is happening musically in L.A. in 2010. Or more specifically, it’s an attempt to highlight eight Los Angeles artists that have, individually, caught my ear over the past couple of years. By no means all encompassing, L’Aventureis a great jumping off point for those interested in the diverse landscape that is L.A.’s music.
Why Adventure? Why now? Like RAM, the album is used as a template—as a cohesive force—bonding these, at times, disparate artists together. A post-punk landmark, Television’s debut, Marquee Moon, tends to garner most of the adulation. It’s follow-up, Adventure, is now a classic album in its own right that seems to regularly get lost on the mix. In short, it is time for a reevaluation—perhaps this is the beginning of that conversation.
Available as a free high-quality download (FLAC and/or 320kbs mp3), we are encouraging those who have the means to donate to the Los Angeles based Silverlake Conservatory of Music100% of all donations go directly to the conservatory. Huge thanks to the artists who generously donated both their time and talents to this project. Artwork by Jeremy Benson, layout by Ben Kramer.

The best Television post, ever

Oh, hell yes, Television.....one of my very very faves. Back before the purge, I posted the classic "Live at the Old Waldorf", I'll reup it here along with lots and lots of other totally cool stuff. One of my favorite bands ever, almost impossible to "slot", often lumped into the CBGB punk scene, because, (lie their bretheren Talking Heads) they weren't especially "punk" in their approach, they more just happened to be in the neighborhood. I absolutley loved, and continue to love to this date, the incomparable neo-psychedelia, the totally unique guitar work of both Tom Verlane and Richard Lloyd, and the thrill and excitement of their live recordings, how I'd have loved to have been present for one......

First things first, their first album "Marquee Moon"....one of my ten favorite albums of all, the majestic title track would merit that honor, but it turns out that's about a fourth of it...."Venus"...."Guiding Light".....I'd just be listing the tracks which I'll get too anyway, "Marquee Moon" is presented here in a stellar expanded edition, with bonus tracks including the amazing "Little Johnny Jewel", alternate versions of "Marquee Moon".....what more could you ask? Simply one of the greatest albums of the last 50 years, and in an incredible expanded version. Line forms here.....

The follow up album, "Adventure" is not "Marquee Moon", but it is a smokin' affair a well, "Ain't Tht Nothin'" is a classic, "Glory", "Foxhole"....again, why just list the tracks they are all great.

And that is it. They made those two albums (they reunited seveal years later for another album, which I didn't like and does not appear here)......so we must delve into some other sources. Question for pondering: What other band made only two albums in its career, and had them be as stellar as these? (I do not count the latter-day "reunion" thing.

OK I have so much stuff here that I want to share, I have to leave some of it out. I will of course, include "Live at the Old Waldorf", only one of the twenty greatest live albums of the rock era. A rare set of 8-track demos for "Marquee Moon" which includes the 13th Floor Elevators "Fire Engine", and a version of Richard Hell's (he of course was once a member) of "Blank Generation". Another ancient set of demos comes from the Richard Hell era, a very early version of "Venus", a cover of "Psychotic Reaction".....if you are a Television fan, your mouth should be watering!

"The Blow Up" was released on ROIR cassette (only), is thankfully available as a 2 CD st.....simply another chance to marvel at the band's breathtaking live chops. "Double Exposure" is another fie set of early demos, might as well put it up too.....and then....well, I have probably 100 of their concerts....quality varies, the performances ALWAYS are fine, the recordings, well, not always so much. I am going to include a double set from Portland Oregon, 1978, farily at random, and, reluctantly, I'm going to put up a nearly unlistenable set from CBGB 1975, a quite rare set featuring Ms. Patti Smith joining the band on stage. Unparalleled as a historical curiosity, GOD how I wish it were a better recording.

You know the drill.....I have tons of liev shows from the band, if you have a special favorite, one you attended or just heard and enjoyed, let me know and I'll put it up as well....but for now enjoy these great albums from one of Americas greatest bands.......leave a comment if it's not too much trouble. This one is a labor of love for me, always was and always will be a favorite band of mine.

Links should be up in the morning! Have a good night!

MARQUEE MOON (EXPANDED EDITION)-01 See No Evil/02 Venus/03 Friction/04 Marquee Moon/05 Elevation/06 Guiding Light/07 Prove It/08 Torn Curtain/09 Little Johnny Jewel (parts 1 & 2)/10  See No Evil (Alt)/11 Friction (Alt)/12 Marquee Moon (Alt)/13 Untitled Instrumental

ADVENTURE-01 Glory/02 Days/03 Foxhole/04 Careful/05 Carried Away/06 The Fire/07 Ain't Thta Nothin'/08 The Dream's Dream

LIVE AT THE OLD WALDORF-01 The Dreams Dream/02 Venus/03 Foxhole/04 Careful/05 Ain't That Nothin'/06 Little Johnny Jewel/07 Friction/08 Marquee Moon/09 Satisfaction

8-TRACK DEMOS-01 Prove It/02 Friction/03 Venus/04 Marquee Moon/05 Double Exposure/06 Fire Engine/07 Blank Generation/08 Double Exposure

RICHARD HELL LIVE & DEMOS 1973-5-01 Eat the Light/02 Venus/03 Excitement/04 I'm Gonna Find You/05 Horizonatal Ascension/06 Closer (Neon Boys)/07 You Rip my Feelings Out/08 Hard On Love/09 Excitement/10 Judy/11 Psychotic Reaction/12 What I Heard/13 Change Your Channels/14 Double Exposure/15 Fuck Rock N Roll/16 UFO/17 Poor Circulation/18 Blank Generation

DOUBLE EXPOSURE-01 Prove It/02 Friction/03 Venus/04 Double Exposure/05 Marquee Moon/06 Hand On Love/07 Friction/08 Careful/09 Prove It/10 Fire Engine/11 Little Johnny Jewel/12 Prove It/13 Friction/14 Venus/15 Double Exposure/16 Marquee Moon

THE BLOW UP DISC 1-01 Fire Engine/02 See No Evil/03 Prove It/04 Elevation/05 I Don't Care/06 Venus/07 Foxhole/08 Ain't That Nothin'/09 Knockin' On Heavens Door

THE BLOW UP DISC 2-01 Little Johnny Jewel/02 Friction/03 Marquee Moon/04 Satisfaction

PORTLAND 7/2/78 D1-01 The Dreams Dream/02 Elevation/03 GLory/04 Foxhole/05 Little Johnny Jewel/06 Ain't That Nothin'

PORTLAND 7/2/78 D2-01 Friction/02 Marquee Moon/03 Lori/04 Satisfaction/05 Fire Engine/06 A Mi A Mo Re/07 Adventure

CBGB 1975 WITH PATTI SMITH-01 Space Monkey/02 Distant Fingers/03 Fire Engine/04 Breakin In My Heart/05 Foxhole/06 Real Good Time Together/07 Redando Beach/08 Birdland/09 Unknown/10 MMO/11 Gloria/12 Venus/13 Marquee Moon/14 Friction