Steve Miro and the Eyes (as requested)

Steve Miro was one of the founders of Object Records, a late-'70s/early-'80s UK DIY label, which also included the Spherical Objects, Future Primitives, and others. This 1980 album is sort of like a wimpy version of the Stranglers, if you can imagine such a thing. Upfront, trebly bass lines and prominent organ, emphasis on lyrics (even though they're not so great). None of the Strangler's bite or snarl, though. In fact there are times when it gets downright poppy, with '60s pop-style background vocals, and even a synth solo. More melodic overall than a lot of the post-punk crowd of the time.

Miro is an important personality of art-punk in Britain and specificly the main man behind the Object label.
These are the first 2 lps of this great band.Missing the third that you see on the picture on the right.If someone has it ripped ,it will be much appreciated if he uploads it or send it to us someway.

The 2 7" and the Dubius Collaborations and Noyes Brothers LPs are following very soon!Also almost all the Object records catalogue.