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Mr. Malcolm Campbell has created the magic board.
Upon testing in sub-par conditions, this 5'8"/ 19" / 2 1/2" 3 fin Bonzer egg is ..... the shit....dude.
The mini eggs of Malcolm's are imop a must have for a california quiver.
(all that pointy stuff up front(on contemporary shortboards just seems to do nothing but get in the way. and a diamond nose is just beyond my limited understandings of performance. "Fat and Bulbous" says the DR. via the Captain.... kinda... but close enough.... blah blagpo'kijEQ BYE)

This board is not a stock "Mini Bonzer Light Vehicle". it's quite different even though it IS 'Mini"...."Bonzer"...."Light V" ....yadda
yadda hey hooo wOo wOo [-pkoij'EQR