Rod's "S&S Checkered Diamond RPM XII" Paipo... Bonzer

 "Sunrise & Surf Checkered Diamond RPM"
also known as the "S&S Harlequin RPM"

crafted by
Malcolm Campbell


Campbell Brothers Surfboards

Oxnard, CA
Rod Rodgers

Winter 2014

May, 2014
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For several years now a couple of Bonzer fanatics who also ride Bonzer paipo boards have been strongly encouraging me to give it a go. Plus my regular paipo-riding Costa Rica surfing companion has been salivating the past few years about how this Bonzer board could be such a bichen board at our Costa Rica breaks... so he has been strongly encouraging me to spring for one (and, of course, wants to be one of the first to ride it next month!). My few opportunities to test ride their boards in Southern and Central California have always coincided with less than ideal surf. Then my co-conspirator on the Paipo Research Project bought one during the past year -- the design of that board is modeled after the Laguna-style influenced-Bonzer shape being popularized by Dr. Robert Moynier. What can I say but, "Thank you for all your encouragement... the trials are about to begin."  

Photos of Board with Bonzer 6-inch Bonzer Center Fin and Bonzer Runners
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