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Handcrafted Mariachi Guitars (Mexican Guitars)

Mariachi’s are one of the most popular and revered musical groups and entertainers in Mexico. A Mariachi group usually consists of 2-4 violins, two trumpets, one Mexican Mariachi guitar, one Vihuela, and one Guitarron. In more traditional times, the Guitarra de Golpe has been added to a Mariachi group.
Candelas Guitars has paid tribute to these master musicians and entertainers for over 70 years by handcrafting the finest mariachi guitar instruments and making them available in their guitar stores.
Custom Vihuela with a Decorative Rosette - Front View
Cedar Mariachi Guitar - Front View
Official Mariachi Guitar
Mariachi Guitarra de Golpe - Front View
Guitarra de Golpe

A Short History of Mariachi Music

Mariachi music has its origins in Mexico in the state of Jalisco around 1880. Mythology explains that Mariachis evolved from the theatrical orchestras in Spain which had harps, jawharps, and guitars. The term “mariachi” is derived from the French word “mariage” which means marriage or wedding. So, of course, mariachi’s play weddings but they are also hired to play at public venues and other celebratory events. Mariachi’s typically dress in silver-studded black charro (cowboy or toreador) uniforms with very wide brimmed hats.

Tomas Delgado's Role in Furthering Mariachi Music

Tomas Delgado dedicated himself to the craft of guitar making many years ago and grew to love it. He was initially awed by the challenge of building vihuelas, a 5-stringed Mexican guitar played in Mariachi bands. Initially, Candelario, Tomas’ Dad, was not happy with Tomas’ decision to build them but Tomas, a visionary in the mold of his father and Uncle, sensed that vihuelas and guitarrones were re-emerging in the 1990’s. To prove his point, Tomas, with his own money, underwrote a venture to Tucson where he sold 13 vihuelas in one weekend to prove the contemporary demand for vihuelas. Since then, Tomas has not looked back and now handcrafts not just some of the finest Mariachi guitars but also some of the finest AcousticClassicalFlamencoBajo Sexto, and Ukuleles in the world.