pure psychedelia by Burt Bacharach

This song, written and recorded in 1965 -- the middle of the folk-rock craze -- finds the Bacharach/David team embracing and emulating current trends, yet with their own unique sense of style. Driven by a lovely electric piano riff that has a similar feel and flavor as some of the Byrds' experiments (especially Gene Clark's songs), "Trains, Boats & Planes" floats like a Brazilian breeze. Hal David's lyrics contain the essence of escapism hinted at in the title and are wholly literate, as usual. Initially turned down by Dionne Warwick, U.K. popster Billy J. Kramer recorded it at the same time Bacharach himself cut the song successfully on his Hit Maker! album in 1965. Having missed out on "What the World Needs Now Is Love," Warwick later masterfully covered the song, but sadly, it didn't chart.

the Kramer version sucks

The Bacharach/ David / Warwick version is a wandering drone that could easily been a Velvets tune. imop

the bacharach tunes that carried that feel seem to always have the Rhodes playing a big part.
(This Guys in Love with You)