1. Jeremy Wray, 411 (1998)

This is beyond skateboarding. This is like some Evel Knievel deathwish type of shit. Jeremy Wray is a living legend, and if this isn’t reason enough then go back and watch his parts. The man has put in his time on a skateboard and paved the way for gnarly skateboarding to endure since the early 90’s. There’s really nothing more to be said about this ollie other than the fact that in between each try he had to jump to other tower to try it again, which in itself is an incredible feat. Any hungry am’s out there got kickflip? Yeah right…

7. Tengu Crew, Tengu: God Of Mischief (2014)

The California scene may have pioneered skateboarding on roofs, but it’s the Tengu crew in New York that are keeping it alive today. There seemed to be a hiatus in roof footage for quite some time, gone were the days of gnarly gaps and bench-over-gap set ups. But when Tengu: God of Mischief dropped, it looked like roof skateboarding was still in full effect. Pivot to fakie’s on the edge of buildings, risky grinds 30 stories up, and a wild roll into bank, Tengu introduced the world to East Coast roof skateboarding and it is without a doubt just as fun to watch as our West Coast brethren. And when I say “fun” I actually mean “terrifying.”