Monte 52 sandwich shop, meat market, with juice bar ....

Great sandwiches done with all quality ingredients. No hipster fluff.
Meat market is straight up as well , just quality and grass fed beef etc.

These guys came into the neighborhood with respect and low key rather than the fiasco over on York blvd.
The prices are reasonable and it is their goal to blend with the neighborhood rather than take over.

Local people still shop their as much as they can yet it's pretty tough to beat the prices at Food King down the street.
I did speak to the meat market guy who told me their prices stayed the same(when moving in) while the product they have is upgraded.

A classy way to run a business i say. Hoping it works.
With going just for the sandwiches.
And now for great steaks, burgers, chicken and more. (only all organic grass fed meat near by. next one is whole foods in glendale)