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New LG TV goes old school
LG thinks that we need more retro-ness in our lives (like we don’t have enough already). If you were born in the groovy 70s, you know about dials on the boob tube. LG has now replicated the controls on their newest 32 inch LCD TV, creatively named 32LN630R. All of this just to evoke more nostalgia than ever before.
Having said that, you will not be short-changed when purchasing this device from a big-box retailer. You still get 1080p IPS display, which gives it a 178 degrees viewing angle, and the capability of plugging in your USB storage or your mobile (via MHL) to it for your media playback. It is no 4K, but still more than appropriate for a living room.
If you want it, you have to pay for your air ticket to Korea as it is currently only available there, retailing for 840,000 Korean Won ($950). Of course who knows – maybe LG would bring it to the rest of the world...