mick mackie side cut


Cutting fresh lines – Michael Mackie pictured alongside a 5’10″ ‘Twin Keeled Sidecut Fish’
Michael Mackie is doing it differently. He’s on his own path, pushing the boundaries of surfboard design, and the end result is that Mick’s making some incredible surf craft. Mick’s also one of our favourite surfers of all time. You’ll hear more about this unique surfer shaper as time goes on but for now we’re leaving you with a quick snapshot of where he sees things are at.
What’s the deal with the side cut Mick? Sidecut allows clean arcs off your back foot.–It works.
Can you describe the boards characteristics and how they effect the performance of the board.  The board is flat rockered and chunky allowing easy float/paddle and speed from the combo of thickness and flater rocker. The sidecut and swallowtail gives arc/bite through turns
How can a board facilitate good surfing. By getting one that allows you to feel and blend into what you want to do.
Where do you see surfboard design heading over the next few years? Surfboards will cover a wide cross section of ideas catering to what people want to feel from their surfing as it has for the last 10 years covering all angles for all levels. Materials/Flex and sensitivity could/should play a bigger part? 
Describe what you consider to be good surfing. Good surfing has many facets to many to disscus here. TBC!