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Shiloh - Shiloh

 Pre-Eagles band Shiloh gained popularity all across Texas. The band consisted of Don Henley on drums and vocals, bassist Michael Bowden (Richard's cousin), keyboardist Jim Ed Norman, Dobro/steel guitarist Al Perkins and, of course, lead guitarist Richard Bowden. Along the way, they came to know Kenny Rogers, who encouraged them to go to Los Angeles and gave them tips on how to search for a record deal. Rogers' advice paid off and Shiloh released their first album, Shiloh, in 1970. The record spawned one regional hit single, but went otherwise unnoticed, and that, together with a bad management deal, caused the band to break up.
As Al Perkins left and joined The Flying Burrito BrothersDon Henleywere asked if he wanted to go on the road with Glenn Frey as a band member to backup Linda Ronstadt. They also recruited the remaining members of ShilohMichael Bowden and Richard BowdenJim Ed Normanresurfaced as arranger and pianist on Eagles and Linda Ronstadtalbums.


Artist: Shiloh
Title: Shiloh
Year: 1970
Format: LP
Label: Amos
Shiloh is best remembered for featuring a pre-Eagles Don Henley as well as Al Perkins (Manassas, Flying Burrito Bros), and Jim Ed Norman (later the President of Warner Bros. Records Nashville). The album was produced by another well known artist, Kenny Rogers.
This is record contains some heavily country flavored rock, featuring pedal steel guitar. Obviously, some cuts are going to resemble Eagles’ material, but there are some psych influences creeping into the mix as well. (tymeshifter RYM)
Track Listing
  1. Simple Little Down Home Rock & Roll Love Song For Rosie
  2. I’m Gone
  3. Left My Gal In The Mountains
  4. It’s About Time
  5. Swamp River Country
  6. Railroad Song
  7. Same Old Story
  8. Du Raison
  9. Down On The Farm
  10. God Is Where You Find Him