JJ Cale - Troubadour (1976)

JJ Cale is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. 
By the time of his fourth album, JJ Cale was now a respected and much-lauded singer-songwriter, if still not exactly well-known to the masses, and he had developed a laid-back brand of blues rock he could call his own. Troubadour was notable for the song "Cocaine", which was covered by Eric Clapton a year later and became one of his best-known songs (the second time Clapton would have a hit with one of Cale's songs, the first being "After Midnight" in 1970) . It is now considered a rock classic.
But "Cocaine" aside, Troubadour is still generally considered among fans to be one of Cale's finest albums, featuring both chilled out jazzy numbers and dark, toe-tapping grooves. By 1976 it was nothing new for Cale, but more than anything proof that he could still keep such ideas fresh. Among the host of musician friends appearing on the album were drummers Kenneth Buttrey, Karl Himmel and Jimmy Karstein, guitarist Reggie Young (who played the solo on "Cocaine"), bassists Bill Raffensberger and Joe Osborn, steel guitar men Lloyd Green and Buddy Emmons, multi-instrumentalist Bill Boatman.... and many more.

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