Greenough Advanced Rescue Craft

GARC from Jux House Media on Vimeo.

Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) has purchased the Greenough Advanced Rescue Craft (GARC) and associated patents, logistical support, and intellectual property from Rapid Response Technologies (RRT). MAPC is an engineering firm with offices in Baltimore, Maryland, and Brunswick, Maine. The GARC adds an innovative production boat to their existing capabilities with advanced hull forms such as hydrofoils, SWATHs (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull), and HYSWAS (Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship). Mark Rice, founder and president of MAPC, says, “We are excited to add this fine design to our mix of manned and unmanned vessels. This design has a proven track record in the surf and the ability to air drop the vessel provides a unique capability to deliver both manned and unmanned versions to a rescue site.”