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Nick de Caro and  Orchestra
 Happy Heart (1969)
In 1969, Herb Alpert gave Nick de Caro a shot at making his own LP, 'Happy Heart with Nick De Caro and Orchestra', produced by Nick and Tommy LiPuma. Highlights included 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me', Brian Wilson's 'Caroline No', 'Hey Jude' and Nick's own song 'Love Is All'. With Nick as producer, arranger, songwriter, musician and vocalist there was much anticipation, especially as the title track began to climb the charts. At that time, Nick received a phone call from Andy Williams, who had acquired the rights to do 'Happy Heart' with a lyric. He wanted Nick to produce and arrange, but Nick declined and the rest is history. "Nick was really crushed," recalls Frank the brother of Nick. "He wanted no part of it, since his own record of 'Happy Heart' was just starting to get recognition on the charts. Nick felt he would've been competing with his own record. What really hurt him was that they used his arrangement on Andy's record. There was also some mention of a bet between Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert regarding the expected success of Nick's 'Happy Heart' LP. It pretty much took my brother a year to recover, since Andy's record was a smash hit. It was not a good time for him." 

 01 Happy Heart (James Last)
 02 Rosemary's Baby
 03 Hey Jude
 04 I'll Forget You
 05 Love Is All
 06 Quiet Sunday
 07 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
 08 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
 09 Amy's Theme
 10 Caroline No
 11 If I Only Had Time