Brian Eno (With Robert Fripp) - Music For Fans Vol. 1

Publisher: New Depression Music
Reference :OMD005
Date :1980
Made In :Germany
Quality :EX- (9/10)
Booklet & packaging :10" brown vinyl, with photocopied inserts but printed labels
Total duration: 22:20

1. Deep Waters*
2. Untitled*
3. The Last Door*
4. Chemin Der Fer*
5. Dark Waters*
6. Melancholy Waltz*
7. Shell*
8. Empty Landscape*
9. Reactor*
10. The Secret*
11. Don't Look Back*
12. Marseilles*
13. Untitled*
14. Untitled*

Dating from around 1980, this collection of studio recordings (all rather short) was released as a bootleg, limited to 500.

In essence, tracks 1-12 are taken from the promo-only release, Music For Films, while the remaining two tracks appear to be ripped from the soundtrack of the My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts vid.

Some more details of the sources are here:


Some confusion as to whether New Depression Music is label, title, or both. I've assumed label only until told otherwise.