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As a teen, Tommy Guerrero (born September 9, 1966 in San Francisco) was one of the prominent members of the Bones Brigade, Powell Peralta skateboard team professional who dominated the Decade of 1980. He was well known by its Street, seemingly effortless skating in his hometown of San Francisco, which was represented in the majority of the Brigade videos (Future Primitive, The Search for Animal Chin, of public domain, and ban this). After riding for Powell Peralta, Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud (hometown of friend and PP teammate) started the 'real' skateboarding company.After his success in the world of skateboarding, he moved to his second passion - music. Guerrero a member of the stripe of the rock band was free beer and the experimental group Jet Black Crayon, but has been more successful as an artist alone. Their albums, acclaimed by critics, EPs, and singles combine various types of music from rock, rap, funk, soul and jazz. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine named third Studio album from Warrior, Soul Food Taqueria (2003),


1. B.W.S Blues
2. So Blue It's Black
3. Keep On Keepin' On
4. Azule
5. Black Sheep Blues
6. Thirty
7. Pollo Caliente
8. Never
9. Solow
10. Introspection Section
11. Gone Again
12. In My Head
13. Soul Miner


1. Blue Masses
2. Four Trk Samba
3. Tiny
4. Numb Millenium
5. 100 Years
6. Pescadito
7. Azucar
8. Flux And Meter
9. It's Raining
10. Today Like Everyday
11. Soul Miner
12. As The Sea Holds Creatures Vast and True
13. So Blue It's Black
14. Little Chin
15. Exzebache


1. Funny to Party2.
2. Ton Souperman
3. Deep Sleep
4. Comme Disait Papi, Pt. 1
5. Mechanisms
6. Weed on the Tree, Forty on the Floor
7. RF Interference
8. Out the Village
9. Jusdis' Boy
10. Comme Disait Papi, Pt. 2
11. Seems Like Old Times
12. 2 Days Later
13. Cold
14. Mechanism


1. Rusty Gears Lonely Years
2. Organism
3. Birds Over Head
4. Sea Sick
5. Terra Unfirma


1. Cant Get Up If You Can't Get Down - Port Authority
2. Tomcat - Muddy Waters
3. Slippin' Into Darkness - Ramsey Lewis
4. Taboo - Santana
5. Funky - The Chambers Brothers
6. Same Brown Earth - Latin Playboys
7. I'm Her Daddy - Bill Withers
8. Funkiest Man Alive - Rufus Thomas
9. Euphrates - The Main Ingredient
10. One More Time - Cymande
11. Web - Hampton Hawes
12. Viva Tirado - El Chicano
13. Is It Because I'm Black - Syl Johnson
14. Vitamin C - Can
15. Summer Song - Ronnie Foster
16. Come Together - Tommy Guerrero


1. Intro Lectric Chile Goat
2. Abierto
3. Organism
4. Thank You MK
5. Tatanka
6. Interlude Train of Thought
7. It Gets Heavy
8. Thin Brown Layer
9. Interlude So Many Years Ago
10. Terra Unfirma
11. Gettin It Together
12. Another Brother Gone
13. Broken Blood
14. Interlude and the Day Goes By
15. Lost Unfound
16. Color of Life
17. Falling Awake


1. archaic days
2. dead waters
3. knives fighting guns
4. spider and the monkey
5. by fist and fury

1. Hello Again
2. Under Dog
3. Badder than Bullets
4. Tomorrow's Goodbye
5. No Guns More Glory
6. War No More
7. Salve
8. Mission Flats
9. 1966
10. Don't Fake It
11. Just Ain't Me
12. Create and Destroy
13. Let Me In Let Me Out
14. Molotov Telegram


1. And the Folklore Continues
2. La Califas Perdido
3. I Would Go With You
4. No Time for Time
5. Bloodinthemud
6. Calling for Ya!
7. Zapata's Boots
8. Mosaic Man
9. What Have I Been Doing Since I Was Gone ?
10. Paper Switchblade
11. Never Forget To Remember
12. Run With the Hunted
13. New Terrain
14. 40 Summers

every LP has something to offer.... get em all...

in the genre of the 'new surf music'  he stands out as something different with a raw home studio intimacy that the rat of 'it' lacks...
maybe that's just me...

Also the sense of history in his songs gives him some credibility... to me.
Seems to also know his limitations.
This music says San Francisco. (even with the sometime  Chicago rhythm section of Tortoise...)