• Various Artists - The Rough Guide to World Lullabies 2011

    Lullabies are sung to children the world over and form a much-loved part of all our lives; we hear them as babies and in turn sing them to our children as we become parents. Celebrate this joyous legacy while exploring the soothing melodies and gentle rhythms of lullabies from around the world.

    This makes for a very pleasant hour: lullabies are the most universal of art forms, and the wishes expressed by these mothers are both multifarious and significant.

    An African wants her child to be as strong as a lion, a Russian wants hers to become a tough peasant who will never know hunger; a Turk prays that her baby will be safe from the evil eye.

     Omara Portuondo, Ali Farka Touré, and Toumani Diabaté star, though my favourite tracks come from Armenia and Corsica.

    Track List : 

    01. Drume Negrita - Omara Portuondo
    02. Tiare No Tahiti - Kalei Napalapalai & Terii Tumahai
    03. Naweye Toro - Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté
    04. P't*t Galop Our Mamou - Michel 'Beausoleil' Doucet
    05. Torre Das Mercês - Axial
    06. Dodo Titite - Ginou Oriol
    07. Ciucciarella - Anghjula Potentini
    08. Hasheina Hi Metuka (Sleep Is Sweet) - Chava Alberstein
    09. Nazei Oror - Hasmik Harutyunyan & The Shoghaken Ensemble
    10. Lu Gattu La Sonava La Zamponga - Lucilla Galeazzi
    11. Vorombazaha - Vakoka
    12. Mami Wata - Totó La Momposina
    13. Kuzanga - Netsayi
    14. A Chuachag Nam Beann - Teresa Doyle
    15. Théid Mi Dhachaigh (The MacKenzie Lullaby) - Talitha MacKenzie
    16. Khuluma Lami (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    17. Uthando (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    18. Me, Myself, I (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    19. Uma Sithethela (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    20. Ikhaya Elihle (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    21. Yes Lord (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    22. Sibongile (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    23. Summertime (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    24. Ungangishiyi (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5
    25. I Remember (Bonus Track) - The Black Umfolosi 5

Disc 1
  1. ListenBuy MP3Omara Portuondo: Drume Negrita (4:36)
  2. ListenBuy MP3Kalei Napalapalai & Terii Tumahai: Tiare No Tahiti(4:24)
  3. ListenBuy MP3Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabate: Naweye Toro(4:24)
  4. ListenBuy MP3Michel “Beausoleil” Doucet: P’Tit Galop Our Mamou(2:47)
  5. ListenBuy MP3Axial: Torre Das Mercês (3:46)
  6. ListenBuy MP3Ginou Oriol: Dodo Titite (3:38)
  7. ListenBuy MP3Anghjula Potentini: Ciucciarella (3:56)
  8. ListenBuy MP3Chava Alberstein: Hasheina Hi Metuka (Sleep is Sweet) (3:43)
  9. ListenBuy MP3Hasmik Harutyunyan & The Shoghaken Ensemble:Nazei Oror (4:15)
  10. ListenBuy MP3Lucilla Galeazzi: Lu Gattu La Sonava La Zampogna(2:20)
  11. ListenBuy MP3Vakoka: Vorombazaha (4:48)
  12. ListenBuy MP3Toto La Mamposina: Mami Wata (3:11)
  13. ListenBuy MP3Netsayi: Kuzanga (3:15)
  14. ListenBuy MP3Teresa Doyle: A Chuachag Nam Beann (4:37)
  15. ListenBuy MP3Talitha MacKenzie: Théid Mi Dhachaigh (The MacKenzie Lullabye) (3:01)