Duane & Greg Allman - Duane & Greg Allman (1968)

Not released until 1972
Here is one of the pre-Allman Brothers Band albums by the brothers themselves. It is technically by The 31st Of February, a band featuring drummer Butch Trucks, who were joined by the Allman brothers after the break-up of their group The Hour Glass. The bands were old friends, and upon meeting up, The 31st Of February fired their own lead guitarist and joined forces with the Allmans. These demo recordings were recorded in 1968, but never actually saw release until 1972, when it was credited to 'Duane & Greg Allman'. Not long after this album was recorded, the Allman Brothers Band was formed, and 31st Of February drummer Butch Trucks joined them. This album is some great soul-rock, with colours of folk and blues, mostly dominated by Gregg Allman’s vocals. It contains covers of folk singer Bonnie Dobson’s “Morning Dew”, the blues standard “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down Out”, and a song called “Melissa”, which would later become a treasured part of the Allman Brothers Band repetoire. The actual band line-up here is Gregg Allman (vocals, organ, piano), Duane Allman (lead guitar), Scott Boyer (guitar, vocals), David Brown (bass) and Butch Trucks (drums and percussion). Boyer sings the last song on the album - "In The Morning When I'm Real", and has a very good voice. If this lineup of musicians had continued to play together they could have become a really brilliant folk-soul group. But then again if that was to have happened, we would never have had The Allman Brothers... Nevertheless, this is a great glimpse at what might have been.