Tour Sounds Mix Tape- 3 files 82 songs

i may have already done this but here it is again...

disc 1 HERE

disc 2 HERE

disc 3 HERE

ok, for those that have not done this before, it is VERY easy. do not be afeared of this....

1. press link....2. press green box that says "DOWNLOAD" 3. (a window will open and ask to save. say yes and make sure to see where it will be saved.) it will take maybe 20 minutes to download.
4. a "colored box will appear (this is a "zip file")
5. when it has finished, it may unzip by itself and give you a file with the music. Or you may have to click the box(zip file) by yourself. (again make sure you know where it will be going. i always make it go to the "desktop" so you can see all this bullshit go down.

6. drag the file to your music library/ i tunes.

7. begin to rock. and continue to do so until the rock is no longer...

then repeat

as needed

or every four hours.