Cornell Campbell - My Destination

Cornell Campbell - My Destination

Kingston Sounds CD, 2005

 1) How Does It Feel
 2) Everyday Is A Holiday
 3) My Destination
 4) Politricks
 5) You Lie You Cheat
 6) Fire Mek It Come
 7) It's A Miracle
 8) Have Some Mercy
 9) All In The Game
10) Righteous Man
11) Keep My FIre Burning
12) If You Want To Cry
13) Give Me Strength
14) Lets Make Up
15) Send Another Joshua

Bass: Robbie
Drums: Santa Davis
Guitar: Chinna Smith
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Chin & Bo Peep
Keyboards: Robbie Lyn
Tenor Sax: Tommy Mccook
Trombone: Vin Gordon
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis
Organ: Winston Wright
Percussion: Skully

Produced by: Bunny Lee
Recorded at: Randy'S, Harry J & Dynamic