Burgundy Ripple... AJAX

Hawkes & Sons were already making fine orchestral drums at the turn of the 20th century and launched the Ajax brand in 1927. In 1930 they merged with Boosey & Co and used the pyramid badge from 1935 and launched their own Imperial-style lugs shortly before the war. After the war the lugs were redesigned again with a very sophisticated spring-loaded self-aligning action and fitted to their De Luxe drums with brass oval badges.
In 1957, in response to the Group Explosion, they launched Edgware and Stratford brands offering one standard configuration in many finishes with fewer lugs. There began in 1961 a partnership with Rogers, where Ajax shells were fitted with first imported, then domestic Rogers lugs and Swiv-o-Matic hardware. The fittings are incompatible but identical in appearance. Boosey & Hawkes continued with their four lines until 1967 when their only offering was the radical Nu Sound kit. It actually used  the cheaper, 7 ply shell but retained the Ajax name.
In 1970 B&H stopped manufacturing drums, retired the Ajax brand and began distributing Beverley drums, made in the Premier factory.