the first take. the third LP.

 Introduced to a band via "3rd"/ "Sister Lovers". I went back wards. 3rd >>>> "Radio City" >>>> "#1 LP"
I think i may like 'em better cuz of it?
who knows really.
can you imagine NOT liking these guys at all?

Also known as Sister Lovers - Big Star's legendary 3rd album has been released and re-released countless times around the world with different track listings, different mixes, and different cover art. Now for the first time since it's debut release in 1978 this is being re-released as a vinyl LP with the original cover art,
including the innersleeve with the complete detailed liner notes and the original mixes and track listing. The master tape coming directly from Ardent Studios provides the highest sound quality for this vinyl classic -- available as it was first released 28 years ago. 180 gram audiophile vinyl.


my sents....= 3rd = druggy, band meltdown, almost all Alex and Richard Roseborough.
Spacey Alex in a studio with access to amazing musicians. my favorite lp.

"Radio City"= 100% "Southern Blue Eyed Soul"

"#1 record" = Super Slick....Heavy Chris Bell influence.... well crafted pop songs....almost too well.
Bowie's Hunky Dory plays a part.
Still 100% American.

All lp's "Made in U.S. A."

this grabbed me INSTANTLY.

Thank you Liz Larner....