Barbra Mason at age 17...

Barbara was only 17 when she wrote and recorded this...


Barbara Mason (born 9 August 1947, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American R&B/soul singer best known for her 1965 hit song, "Yes, I'm Ready". In the early and mid 1970s, Mason toughened her persona considerably, singing about sexual love and infidelity with a frankness that was uncommon for a female soul singer in songs like "Bed and Board," "From His Woman to You," and "Shackin' Up." Sweet soul continued to be her groove, and she continued to write some of her material. But the production, as it was throughout soul in the '70s, was more funk-oriented, and at times Mason would interrupt her singing to deliver some straight-talkin' raps about romance.

1. Oh, How It Hurts
2. Forever
3. Gee Whiz
4. Poor Girl In Trouble
5. Slipping Away (I Can Feel Your Love)
6. Take It Easy (With My Heart)
7. You Better Stop It
8. Don't Ever Go Away
9. Game Of Love
10. If You Don't (Love Me, Tell Me So)
11. I Do Love You
12. Tried So Hard
13. Is It Me
14. I Need Your Love (I Need Love)
15. Think About It
16. Just You And Me
17. Dedicated To You
18. I'll Keep On Loving You
19. Lonely Too Long
20. I Don't Want To Lose You
21. Happy Girl
22. For Your Love
23. Peace Of Mind
24. Dreams Really Come True
25. Ain't Got Nobody
26. I'm No Good For You


Oh How It Hurts: Barbara Mason's second album was released in 1968 on Artic Records. She had 14 albums with Artic. This is NOT that album. In 1996 Bear released a compilation of her hits - and called it by the same name. THIS is that compilation - 26 tunes by Barbara! And I have to say - I love the Bear collections - hard to get though.