Rogério Duprat - A Banda Tropicalista do Duprat

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Duprat spent much of his life in São Paulo, where he died. It was there in the early 1960s that he developed an interest in the avant-garde art and music that would soon lead to him studying in Europe with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez.

Returning to Brazil, Duprat wrote scores for Walter Hugo Khouri's films. Against the background of military dictatorship, Duprat met the leaders of Tropicália: Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. He found himself instantly drawn to the movement by their determination to absorb universal culture and revolutionize Brazilian music.

He wrote most of the arrangements of tropicália albums by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Gal Costa, Os Mutantes, including the album Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses. He also made arrangements for other artists, such as Chico Buarque, Alceu Valença, Geraldo Azevedo etc.

Duprat's arrangements received much praise over the years, and he became known as the "George Martin of Tropicalia" and the "Brian Wilson of Brazil".

Rogério Duprat's solo LP A Banda Tropicalista do Duprat was released in 1968 when his popularity and output was at its peak. Duprat fused the two popular musical tastes of 1960s São Paulo: psychedelia and classical.

In later years, Duprat spent time writing jingles but was slowly forced to withdraw from his artistic activities due to hearing problems. He retired to a farmhouse in the São Paulo countryside.


01 - Judy in disquise Letra da música
02 - Honey / Summer rain
03 - Canção para inglês ver / Chiquita Bacana
04 - Flying
05 - The rain, the park and other things
06 - Canto chorado / Bom tempo / Lapinha
07 - Chega de saudade
08 - Baby
09 - Cinderella rockefella
10 - Ele falava nisso todo dia / Bat macumba / Frevo Rasgago
11 - Lady Madona
12 - Quem será?


An amazing rare chapter of the late 60s Tropicalia saga – from the genius composer responsible for some of the most pivotal arrangements of the era! Rogerio Duprat's talent grew as a cellist with some of the most respected symphony orchestras of Brazil before he went into soundtrack work – eventually meeting Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil. He did some arranging for Gilberto, leading to his arrangements on the landmark 1967 Tropicalia album featuring the giants of the era. This rare and incredible album followed in '68 – an adventurous batch of tunes with deep, profound love for sunshine/easy psychedelia! It's as gorgeously arranged as work by Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson and just about anyone else from any continent on the planet at the time! Os Mutantes contribute vocals to several tracks – and the set list harmoniously melds tunes popularized by the Beatles, the Cowsills, Jobim, Veloso and Gil – in a way that really follows in the spirit of the Tropicalia anthem "Baby", in the way that it recasts American and English late 60s pop ideals with a strange reconstructed Brazilian twist! Tracks include "Judy In Disguise", "Honey/Summer Rain", "Cancao Para Ingles Ver B Chiquita Bacana", "Canto Chorado/Bom Tempo/Lapinha", "Chega De Saudade", "Baby", "Cinderella Rockefella", "Lady Madonna", and "The Rain The Park & Other Things".  © 1996-2012, Dusty Groove America, Inc.