Transparent Radiation

from ' Epitaph for a Legend' Compilation (International Artists)

The Red Krayola, initially spelled Red Crayola, was formed in Houston as a trio in 1966. One of the most important & longest-lived underground avant-rock groups , the Red Crayola lasted through the birth pangs of psychedelia past the death throes of post-punk. The one constant in its ever-shifting lineup was principal singer/songwriter/visionary Mayo Thompson, the late 70s incarnation included Gina Birch[raincoats] Epic Soundtracks [swell maps] Lora Logic[x-ray spex].Mayo's 90s Red Krayola included Jim O'rourke [Gastr del Sol] David Grubbs [Bastro/Gastr del Sol] Tom Watson [Slovenly] George Hurley [Minutemen/firehose] & John McEntire[Tortoise/sea and cake]