A Different Kind of Surfing, Pt. 1



Musician Jim White writes about his surfing history, laminating Bonzers, his North Shore experience, and returning to the island 30 years later to perform a set at the Bonzer Front. Part 2 is currently up, with the third and final installment coming this week. Also, be sure to check out his wonderful new album -- Where It Hits You -- out now on Yep Roc Records.

Jim White. From the archives. Photo: Courtesy Jim White
Jim White. From the archives. Photo: Courtesy Jim White

It’s December of 2009.  I’m standing alone at luggage carousel number four at the Honolulu, Hawaii International Airport.  I’m hoping, hoping, hoping.  Why so much hope?  Because things aren’t going my way.
First, I’m a professional musician and all three of the pricey guitars I need for my big show tomorrow are presently missing in action.  One by one a succession of suitcases from the mainland flight I was on appears, tumbles onto the conveyor belt, circles once, circles twice, then disappears.  Surfboards arrive.  Golf clubs.  A huge stuffed panda bear.  But no guitars.  The crowd thins to nothing.  Now it’s just me standing here.  Where are my guitars?   North Korea? South Dakota? East St. Louis? West Timbucktoo?  Nobody knows.  The mysterious airport gods remain silent.