Bo Diddley


Bo Diddley - "Spring Weekend 1959" (Checker)

That's a record i would like to know more about... I'm no record collector and to tell you the truth i hate record collectors. Most of 'em just buy discs to satisfy their greed and to pomp their-selves to their friends about "that piece of rare vinyl". Anyway, I never knew the existence of this LP. I never found it on my way and probably if i did, i wouldn't have the money to make it mine. It supposed to be a "private pressing", whatever this shit means but i tell you guys, this is a hot smokin' piece of rock n' roll! It has a surprisingly good fidelity for the time it was recorded (rough to the bone!) and the Originator here just kills! I didn't found on the net more things about it. I just made an order n' i can't wait this big fat piece of plastic to come in my hands. It has only seven songs, but the band is at FULL POWER and Bo's vocals came out so distorted and raw like i never heard him before! This was at frat party on Cornell University and i can imagine hearing it, what a blast these lucky bastards at the audience had! The rip's not mine and probably many of you already downloaded this same zip file from many other blogs but who cares, huh? That's another one! Hear it, dance to it and tell me if yourself is strong enough to resist and not buy this platter! Low bitrate (128Kbps), high energy! PS: Any information on this is welcome, so if you know more - please comment... Tracklist: Hey Bo Diddley (6:50) Four Minutes Of Bo (4:00) I'm A Man (6:36) Night Train (6:00) Cha Cha Bo (3:04) Yankee Doodle (2:09) Bo Diddley Says Goodnight (7:37).