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Luk Thung 45 : Riam Daranoi - Chan Ru Than "I Know What You're Up To" + Don Denduang - Suai Ching Muai "Muai, The True Beauty" (LK 154)

I scored this Luk Thung 45 (LK 154) from a bargain bin 1ast week and just had to share it, pronto. Look at the front jacket! Easily one of the wildest covers in my collection. The thing is, the record that came with it (LK 094) doesn't match. This might've been a source of eternal lament if the mismatched record wasn't itself such a pearl. To get the real scoop on these, I sought the expert counsel of my good pal Peter over at monrakplengthai. Enormous thanks, man. Knowing the deal makes this artwork even stranger. Check it: "the jacket advertises the song "kot mai fai daeng (law of the "red light" [period])" by phanida sutthicharoen... and yes, that's "period" as in menstruation.. thus the blood-soaked cover: bizarre! ...the record inside is "chan ru than (i know what you're up to)" by riam daranoi, who shows up on both of chris menist's recent compilations for soundway (DL) & finders keepers. she is great! the b-side is "suai ching muai (muai, the true beauty)" by don denduang. both songs are with the "sit suraphon (suraphon's disciples)" band (after "king of luk thung" suraphon sombatcharoen)" So, Thai speakers, please pardon the somewhat false inclusion of the Red Light cover. The image was just too astounding not to include here. I'm have every hope that one day we're able to hear The Law Of The Red Light LK 094, but in the meantime....Enjoy LK 154. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. 01 Chan Ru Than I Know What You're Up To by nicholabb *Featuring Sit Suraphon (Suraphon's Disciples)
VIA: http://ghostcapital.blogspot.com/ This is what the art of thrifting is all about.... be it random or not.... Somehow, the blood soaked cover art with eastern beauty has come together with a song of menstruation? A master in concept no matter how. Bottom line is, the song sounds beautiful even without the translation. in fact, it may even be better without it... let the imagination have it alone and personal for each individual listener. It is now a new piece of art grown organically(maybe) via human hands. (a rarity in this day) Riam Daranoi - Chan Ru Than "I Know What You're Up To" + Don Denduang - Suai Ching Muai "Muai, The True Beauty" (Luk Thung 45 - LK 154)* Get here>