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The Dynaco PAT-4 is an all silicon solid state control center and preamplifier which must be used in conjunction with a basic power amplifier, such as the Dynaco Stereo 70 or Stereo 120, and a pair of loudspeakers. In addition, the PAT-4 provides sufficient power for a pair of 600 ohm headphones. When headphones only are to be used, a power amplifier is not required. All input signal sources, such as a phonograph, radio tuner, tape recorder, etc., are connected to the inputs of the PAT-4 and this preamplifier is the control center for all mono and stereo signals. Thoughtful planning has provided exceptional flexibility to accomodate future requirements for such sources as a second phonograph or a microphone, television sound, musical instruments requiring electronic amplification, etc. A standard phone jack input and output on the front panel enables convenient connection of a tape recorder or headphones, even when the preamplifier is installed in a cabinet.
Dynaco Stereo 400 Power Amplifier
Dynaco's blockbuster 200 watt per channel amplifier, continuing the tradition of value for price and enthusiastic reviewer response. Featured DynaguardTM speaker protection circuitry, sophisticated automatic output muting, and a colossal heat sink. The FAN-1 option further improved heat dissipation for PA and sound reinforcement applications. The MC-4 option added accurate power output meters and a range switch. The MBI-400 bridge kit allowed use as a single channel 600 watt amplifier. Introduced in 1972. http://home.indy.net/~gregdunn/dynaco/catalog.html