Karma Rescue's Tails of Success


Gracie A Success Story:

Gracie was rescued from the South Los Angeles shelter. She had what was called a “skin disease”. This turned out to be no skin disease, and her face said it all. The Veterinarian confirmed that Gracie had acid thrown on her face. Dog fighting rings abuse dogs in this heinous way believing it will make the dog mean. As Gracie did not have a mean bone in her body, she was dumped at the shelter after suffering this abuse.

Karma Rescue searched for that perfect home during Gracie’s recovery period. With time, Gracie healed and now lives with her adoptive family. She spends her days at the beach, and the rest of her life with a family thankful for every moment they have with her.


Ray Charles A Success Story:

Mr. Ray Charles, a three month old blue pit bull terrier mix, was rescued from the Carson shelter. Karma Rescue immediately took him to the Veterinarian to examine his obvious eye ailments. Ray was diagnosed with a condition called microphthalmia – a birth defect resulting in blindness. Making things even more difficult, Ray had glaucoma in one eye which was unresponsive to treatment. This created pressure within the eye and caused severe migraines. It was recommended that Ray have the eye surgically removed.

Regardless of these medical issues, Ray will find his way into a loving, permanent home. What he lacks in eyesight he more than makes up for with a great nose, a great pair of ears and his incredible heart.


Cody A Success Story:

Cody was rescued from a Los Angeles area shelter. This three month old boxer mix puppy was the victim of abuse and neglect. He had acid poured in his ears which caused irreparable harm, and burn marks were visible all over his little body. We later learned that Cody developed a seizure disorder as a result of this maltreatment and abuse.

Karma Rescue made sure that Cody received the proper veterinary care and attention as well as the medication needed to keep his seizures under control. During his recuperation we found him a loving, permanent home. He is now growing and thriving in the new home he so richly deserves.

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