Ice Cream Truck Music, Revisited

Last year, I dug up MP3s for a few of the most common ice cream truck songs heard on the sweaty streets of NYC. Be sure to visit this post, where you can grab MP3s of such summer hits as the Mister Softee (RIP) jingle, the Ghetto Ice Cream Truck song, and another tune that someone smarter than me identified as "And The Band Played On."

But we all know that three ice cream truck songs does not a summer make. Here's another scoop (all MP3 links):

Lips Stained Blue | Melted Drumstick Melancholy | Pink Panther Pops = Awesome | Creamsicle of My Dreamsicle | What the Hell is a Choco Taco | Torturing Swedes Since 1969 (Thanks, Marcus!) | Soft Serve Sleepytime | Push-Up Pop Malfunction

And if you're really curious about that signature tinny ice cream truck sound, read this post in the excellent Music Thing blog. Here's a big ol' article about the history and origins of ice cream truck music (via Confederacy of a Dunce).