Leyla Safai is the owner of HeartsChallenger, a one-of-a-kind ice cream truck that takes its fancy flavors to the streets.

Safai converted an old mail truck into a pale-pink fantasy of an ice cream truck, complete with white unicorns and twinkly electronica music. Her menu features fluffy white Russian ice cream bars, whipped vanilla bars from Armenia, Italian spumoni wedges, Japanese ice cream mochi balls, and white chocolate hearts filled with raspberry sorbet.

Late at night, when the city's bars and clubs are all but closed, Safai pulls up in her glowing pink truck, a beacon to worn-out clubgoers. Saifi says her business goes way beyond ice cream — it's an extension of a way of life. "Anything that challenges your heart, those are the greatest challenges — the ones that come from the heart, you know?"