Big Noise in Brazil

mysterious notes via web world... Sound Gal Costa and Imagination - Test Program 1970 - In announcing that he would interpret "Assum Preto" (Luiz Gonzaga - Humberto Teixeira), Gal Costa juvenile in its lightness, makes a big gaffe by saying that "Acauã" Dantas, was Luiz Gonzaga. Mistakes aside, it is the height of its splendor singer who opened for success. The song would be part of your next show, the mythical "Gal at full steam" and therefore the disc recorded live. Here a preview of what would! Drummer kling klanging his way on top of and through an improvisation. Poor guy.... captured live. forever. actually, sounds good to me. if not for the wrinkled brow of Gal Costa. (if anyone has seen "The Gene Krupa Story" starring Sal Mineo, there is a very similar scene with a young 'Gene' stepping all over Anita O'day. She does not take it as well as Miss Costa. an interesting clip depicting a place in time and the rumblings of rock drums. next in time would be "Sing Sing Sing" where loud drums go prime time.)