Homewood Sessions

Emily bakes a cake! Meanwhile, Tulsa meets Hollywood. Hollywood is never the same again! Okies rock the house and mayhem ensues. From the video, Leon Russell & Friends - "Homewood Sessions" Live at Vine Street Theater, Hollywood, California, USA. -or- "Vine Street Theater presents Homewood" Originally aired in 1971 on PBS, actually KCET in Los Angeles at the Vine Street Theater on Hollywood and Vine, a theater with a little studio in the back part of the building, which is not there anymore. They shot 6 hours, but only broadcast 1 hour, unscripted and unrehearsed. It was the first national "stereo" rock-and-roll TV broadcast - that's why Leon agreed to do it. Many other clips loaded see uploader... Billed as "Session - Leon Russell with a Few of His Friends": Don Nix Chuck Blackwell Joey Cooper Don Preston Carl Radle Kathi McDonald Claudia Linnear John Gallie Jim Horn Furry Lewis and, of course, Sweet Emily