Cumbia psicodelica

An amazing compilation! Guaranteed: you’ll love Chicha!

«Chicha started out in the late 60’s, in the oil-boom cities of the Peruvian Amazon.Cumbias Amazonicas, as they were first known, were loosely inspired by Colombian cumbias but incorporated the distinctive pentatonic scales of Andean melodies, some Cuban guajiras, and the psychedelic sounds of surf guitars, wah-wah pedals, farfisa organs and moog synthesizers. Chicha, which is named after a corn-based liquor favored by the Incas, quickly spread to Lima. It became the music of choice of the mostly indigenous new migrant population – mixing even further with rock, Andean folklore and Peruvian creole music. Very much like Jamaican Ska or Congolese Soukous, Chicha is western-influenced indigenous music geared toward the new urban masses who wholly identified with the new hybrid . Chicha is at once raw and sophisticated -–and until now, it had never been released outside of Peru.»


1. Sonido Amazonico - Los Mirlos
2. Linda Nena - Juaneco Y Su Combo
3. Carinito - Los Hijos del sol
4. A Patricia - Los Destellos
5. Sacalo Sacalo - Los Diablos Rojos
6. Ya Se Ha Muerto mi Abuelo - Juaneco Y Su Combo
7. El Milagro Verde - Los Mirlos
8. Para Elisa - Los Destellos
9. Linda Munequita - Los Hijos Del Sol
10. Muchachita del Oriente - Los Mirlos
11. Para Elisa - Los Destellos
12. Vacilando Con Ayahuesca - Juaneco Y Su Combo
13. El Guapo - Los Diablos Rojos
14. Mi Morena Rebelde - Eusebio y Su Banjo 15. Si Me Quieres - Los Hijos Del Sol
16. Me Robaron Mi Runa Mula - Juaneco Y Su Combo
17. La Danza de Los Mirlos - Los Mirlos