Stool and Dot... Fur and Photo

Curse of the Chumash "3 panels: Stecyk screen/photo & Ruscha text, stool" (Date Unknown), Chris Wilder | Acquired 1991 Like colleague Mike Kelley, Chris Wilder was involved in the Los Angeles punk music scene in the late 1980s at the same time was making pieces like his UFO Sighting series. Wilder’s work from this series involves pairing one of the main tenets of Conceptualism, that the “idea” is more important than its physical manifestation, with the notion of UFO’s and the general lack of physical support, or evidence, supporting the idea. You have to visit UFO Sighting, Chroma Key Case #17 in person to see the UFO! . In newer work like White Monochrome Fur Painting, Wilder is more blatant in his reference to the pursuits of high modernism in painting. He uses glib, but surprisingly effective, common, cheap fur to make a comment on minimalist painting http://lagunaartmuseum.org/extract-artist-spotlight-chris-wilder Chris Wilder Bio: Artists that happen to surf, NOT Surfers that happen to Art (Part 1)