Narcotica Vexations

Vexations is a noted musical work by Erik Satie. Apparently conceived for keyboard , it consists of a short theme in the bass whose four presentations are alternatively heard unaccompanied and played with chords above. The theme and its accompanying chords are written using strikingly eccentric and impractical enharmonic notation. The piece is undated, but scholars usually assign a date around 1893 on the basis of musical and biographical evidence. The piece bears an inscription which says that "In order to play the theme 840 times in succession, it would be advisable to prepare oneself beforehand, and in the deepest silence, by serious immobilities". (wiki) this video is a time lapse example of the basic idea. (with none of the FANTASTICS that the 'Living Room' had. ie: couches , Oriental Rugs everywhere .... a very "opium den" look. drugs were just not needed!) i had the fortune to see the only performance ever in Los Angeles 1992 at the Asher-Faure Gallery, Beverly Hills. As part of the ''Living Room Series'series.(featuring Randy Hostetler) Beginning at 7AM and running close to 24 hours, Vexations is performed by a team of piano players. Satie wrote Vexations as a one-page piano piece in the 1920’s. In the 1970’s, John Cage noticed that Satie had written “to be performed 624 times.” This has been done ten times since, and only once in Los Angeles. photo of the New York performance. (explain below) i miss 'The Living Room Series'. a great community of talent. note: (The Dick Slessig Combo is a product of The Living Room) Randy Hostetler Rest In Peace ... First public performance; John Cage, John Cale, Eric Satie, Andy Warhol (The Long Weekend) all text via the Living Room Page. links all over the fuck. enjoy!